Gold Coast Public Library Candidates for Board of Trustees Election


The Gold Coast Public Library Election takes place on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 9AM to 9PM at the Library Annex, 40 Railroad Ave. Glen Head (Please note this has changed from previous years). The Library District serves all those residents of the North Shore School District, other than the Village of Sea Cliff which has its’ own library. Residents of the Gold Coast Public Library District eligible to vote in a general election may cast ballots.


Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot.  


Nancy Benchimol    |    Anthony Papiro   |   Rosemarie Cartagine


2018 Candidates for Trustee 


Nancy Benchimol

Nancy Benchimol and her husband Samuel (aka Mickey) have lived in Glen Head for more than forty years. They have four children and are blessed with twelve grandchildren.  A retired Biology professor from Nassau Community College, she has served 12 years as a trustee on the North Shore Board of Education. She has also been a volunteer tutor for Literacy Nassau. In 2001 Nancy was elected to the original Gold Coast Public Library Board of Trustees and over the past seventeen years has served terms as Secretary, Treasurer and multiple years as President.


Anthony Papiro


I have served with pride as a Trustee for the past three years.   I can proudly say I served you well representing the residents in our Community.


I have achieved the following during my Tenure:


Served on the Long Range Planning Committee


Helped write and promulgate the 5 Year Plans for the Library.


I also served on the Committee to develop a survey asking the community whether or not we are serving your Library needs; There is more work to be done in understanding your needs and implementing these needs.   It is a priority for the Library Board and especially for me as a member.


I was very instrumental in getting the Board to invest our Funds in a Higher Yield Account.   In the past, the Library funds were invested in a low yield return.   Now we are invested ina  higher yielding investment with return of at Least $20,000 over the year.


The Library is more teenage friendly.   We discussed options to attract teenagers.  As a result we rented Additional space in the Annex Building.   It now serves as a place for teenagers as well as the general population.   Some of its uses are for tutoring or for quiet study hall.   We realize there is still a need to do additional work in this area to attract more teenage use.


As a Trustee I identified at least 3 buildings in our area as potential properties for future use.  As an Industrial and Commercial Real Estate Broker for the past 22 years, I was able to bring my expertise in the evaluation of these building as potential properties for the Library.   We continue the search.  I will seek out other alternative sites in our community and will use my expertise as a Real Estate Broker to identify, evaluate and negotiate an alternative site.


There was no plan set up in the event of key personnel unable to fulfill their position at the Library for various reasons.   I was the driving force in having the Library Director establish a plan.   The Director has formulated a plan for management replacement and as well as development of key personnel to assume positions at the Library.   I am happy to say that this plan in now in place.


I ask for your Vote on September 12th so that I can in concert with the other Board Members make the Library a Better Library for you, our residents.   We have a Great library and we aim to make it even better.


Rosemarie Cartagine


I love libraries. The library has always been a haven for learning and discovery. I grew up in our community during the years when families had to join neighboring libraries. Shortly after I returned to the area the vote to create our own library district was passed. When the Gold Coast Public Library opened its doors in 2005 I was thrilled. Our library is a ‘gem’; it is a valuable resource for life-long learning for all members of our community, regardless of ability or age.


My desire to support our library led to my involvement with the Friends of the Gold Coast Public Library. I serve on the Friends Board of Directors as Chairperson of the Public Relations Committee and as the Friends liaison to the Library Board. Regularly attending monthly board meetings has given me insight into the vital role library trustees have to support the library’s mission: To provide an environment and opportunities for learning, recreation and personal growth for the community. A trustee supports excellence in library services while maintaining fiduciary responsibility to the community as we look toward the community’s future needs.


I am committed to serve the Gold Coast Library. Vote on September 12th.