Policy for Unattended Children

The Gold Coast Public Library is a community facility, for use by persons of all ages.
However, it is also a public building. For the general welfare of all persons using the Library as well as the safety of children, the following standards are being established:

Parents, not library staff, are responsible for children’s behavior in the Library. Children deemed out of control or disruptive to patrons or library staff will be asked to leave.

It is not the Library’s function to offer childcare. The Library will contact the Nassau County police if underage children are left unattended in the Library.

The Library will contact the Nassau county police if a child, in grade 5 or less, is not picked up by a parent or guardian at the time of closing. Two staff members will remain in the building after closing. Two staff members will remain with the child until the police arrive; under no circumstances will a child be allowed to remain in the building after closing.
All children in grade 2 or younger shall at all times, be attended and adequately supervised by a responsible person (e.g. an adult or mature adolescent age 16 or older).

Children in grades 3 through 5 may use the Children’s Room when unaccompanied, provided that a responsible person, age 14 or older, remains in the library building with them.

When using the computers in the Children’s Room, children in grade 2 and younger must, at all times, have an adult sitting with them in the computer area.

Approved by the Gold Coast Public Library Board of Trustees 9/26/2005
Revised 2/17/2010