Gift Policy

In many communities, local residents are anxious to present the library with gifts. This may take the form of cash or an item, such as a book, that a resident thinks the library needs, or items that the community members believe the library might want, such as art or historical photographs.


Library administration may accept or reject gift books or other items that could be added to the library collections, such as historic photographs. Library administration may accept monetary donations to purchase books, as long as the gift-giver is informed that the library has discretion in choosing and keeping the titles.


Administration should discuss with the board gift items other than books or monetary donations of more than $500. Items that would impact the appearance of the building, such as furniture or art, should be discussed with the Board before being accepted. In any event, the Board should be notified of ALL donations.


Book plates or other means of identifying the individual or group gift giver or the person of whom the gift is in memory are permitted. Identification of corporate supporters as gift givers is not.


The donated materials may be displayed physically by the Gold Coast Public Library, or images of the donated material may be displayed (posted) on the World Wide Web or other virtual transmission in a manner reasonably assured to prevent copying or re-distribution.


If requested, residents who give a donation may receive written verification of their gift on Library letterhead. No monetary value will be placed on the gift by the Library, unless such gift is a monetary donation.


All donations are considered outright and unconditional gifts to be used at the library’s discretion. A gift to the library may not be reclaimed by the donor or his/her heirs.


A Deed of Gift form must be completed and signed by both the donor and library director for physical items donated to the library.


Gift items may be removed from the library collections at any time at the discretion of the Library Director and the Board of Trustees.


Approved September 15, 2005
Revised January 19, 2011